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I apologize for letting the dust settle on this place so much. Just been hitting a bit of a thinking block when it comes to what I want to do for this story. As for what I’ve been doing this whole time as the title kind of states, I’ve made a tumblr. It’s been around for about a month now and still rather small. It has pictures of another family I’ve been playing with more and a few custom content downloads, including the adult to teen dress I was showing here before. So if anyone is interrested in that there’s a link at the bottom.

Pertaining to Dreams in the Something I’m thinking of renaming it finally since the name given was not meant to be permanent. With a visit to another title generator in the future I’ll also be doing some digging into my old screen shots to see where I was in the game. I think I might make another one to get screens of Steven and his “wife”. The quotations are for a part of the story element I’m not giong to put out though I’ve kind of forgotten if I’ve already spilled those beans already. Hmnrs…


Seasons installed


Along with it my game being semi normal again. Fewer zombies popping up and weather working fine. Just don’t expect anything just yet from me. I’m still having some minor glitches in the game. The biggest little one is that the festival lots every other season like to fubar on me and lose their items. Till I figure out what’s up with THAT I may delay it a little longer least for seasons updates. I have enough pics to make at least two chapters, I just need to stop being lazy first.


Also in game showing of the outfit I fixed for teens. I got all the seams aligned but for the love of the world I can’t figure out to adjust the rest of the mesh to be more teen shaped. Then again it’s so baggy that it’s really hard to notice unless you’re really looking to tell.  Think I should keep trying to tweak it or let it out as is?

Delays delays delays

I’m currently in the process of “pruning” my game and since the story started before the 1.39 patch things are a little wonky. That means I’m going to try and “restart” by making a new game and moving the families in. There’s probably a less complex way but right now it’s all I can come up with. For this delay though, I am sorry to anyone that actually pays my lil’ story any mind. It really makes me happy that some gain enjoyment from my fledgling writing skills. When all is said and done I’ll get a new page up and in the mean time it’ll give me time to work on the story plot a little more. I really need to move it along.

Till then I bid you all a good day and happy turkey month. I must now get back to cutting down on CC and a couple of stuff packs. Maybe make a few lots or so too while I’m at it. Hmnr….

Chapter Two Page Three: Day After

When I woke up I was in my room. Dad must have come home early and found me on the floor. Groaning while refusing to move from the vanity, I really didn’t want to face him. He’d probably have a lot of questions that were just best left unanswered for now to save myself any more embarrassment. I couldn’t hide for much longer before I heard him calling for me to come out. I called back to him trying to brush my now longer hair from my face. “Need another haircut”, I grumbled stepping out.

Dragging myself out I gave a small “morning” to him. He didn’t bother to turn around to face me or ask why I was on the floor. “I’m sorry things didn’t turn out as you wanted”, He said as he continued working on the morning’s waffles. I groaned plopping myself on the couch and asked how he knew. “Easy, your face was still red and streaked when I came in”, now finally looking back at me. He really did look sorry for it as he added in “If you need to talk….”. I sighed waving it off before he could go on. From how he’s acting I guess I won’t get into trouble. Then again it’s hard to do so when the so called party was a huge failure. With breakfast done we both sat to eat at the table. The entire time dad kept trying to continue a conversation with me, but I just remained quiet.

Dad offered for me to stay home but I opted against it. Just because my party failed didn’t mean I would become an outcast. Tugging my hair back into a short pony tail I sighed dreading the day for once. I know there weren’t that many other people my age in the area but there hadn’t been enough homework to keep anyone out from it. Making sure breakfast hadn’t gotten stuck in any teeth one last time before looking around the room for my school books. Then I noticed a bag by my bed, with a generic business logo on it. Ah, dad’s “vacation” was a business trip. “Least he brought me something that wasn’t a t-shirt”, I giggled to myself.

At school everyone noticed Roland was staying human for the second day in a row. He also seemed to be avoiding me most of the day too then I saw why. Wendy was nearly stuck to his hip and had him on a metaphorical leash. While Ms. Pumpernickel was busy prepping the next assignment I pestered Ivan about what was going on. After an apology for skimping on the party he explained that their parents had set up a match. He joked on and on about parents meddling in their teens love lives but my ears were deaf to him. It certainly explained why he was stuck to her but not why he was avoiding me.

Once school was over Ivan was kind enough to drag Wendy away for me to finally have a chat with Roland. First I tried to stay calm but the more I tried to talk about the party and why he was dating Wendy the angrier I got. I wanted to know why he hadn’t come last night when the party had been his idea. Why he was sticking to glue like Wendy even though she was such a harpy. He stood there staring at me without an answer then reached out to hug me. There I started to break down and cry. I was starting to hate having a normal life if it felt this painful. Roland pulled away when I finally calmed down. He apologized about the party but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. To make up for it he asked to come over to hang out.

Roland stopped by his house first to get his work clothes. “I’ll have to go to work soon anyway better be ready while I’m at it”, he laughed but it was empty sounding. That made me worry about him as we sat on the floor to do our homework. Mine didn’t take long to finish since I finally had the subjects down pat. Roland gawked at me for it and gave a light playful shove. “Yeeshm Tanisha I thought we were doing homework together”, again he laughed but it was genuine this time making it contagious. Helping him with the last of his homework we giggled and laughed over small things. The kind of things that are insignificant but still make you laugh with certain people.

Dad came into the living area to offer Roland to stay for dinner but he turned the offer down. He tapped on his watch saying he had to get to work before he was late again.  At that I groaned asking if he had been really late yesterday too, to which he nodded and had to work over time for it. Seeing my expression of realization he laughed and gave me a hug. “I’ll make it for the next one Tanisha, promise”, he said and waved making his way out. Waving back giggling then sighed once the door shut behind him. Turning to get some leftovers I saw dad was still there. Then I realized he had the doting “my daughter’s in love face” making me groan. “What ever you’re thinking dad it’s not like that at all”, I grumbled burying my head into the fridge trying to ignore him. He chuckled leaving the room with a response of “I didn’t say anything”.

Going to bed that night I decided that if I was going to be a normal teen I’d need to make some changes to myself. I hadn’t thought to before since when we came I had been the only one. Tomorrow I would ask dad if I could go to the a salon, if they had one here, and get my wardrobe adjusted. With fall coming my other clothes wouldn’t be able to handle it anyway. Yawning as I curled up, sleep thankfully didn’t take long to join me in bed.

Night all see you later

( Bah I need to get back to work on this. I went on a CC binge and a minecraft binge too.  I’ve got the images set up for the next chapter. In reference to my first piece of cc I still need to work out a small bug. The presets in the outfit selection box appear blank for it *grumble grumble* I’ll get it fixed eventually…maybe…)

Nonsensical post: Scarf dress

*flops on ground* I’m done-ish with it. “Ish” because there’s still some things wrong with it like the presets still looking blank in selection but look normal when put on the sims. For now I wave the white flag and say that it’s done ish. If I were more experienced it’d be much much better so it’ll need a revisit when I do have said experience. At least I got the  ankles and necks done….

In the mean time my models, from left to right: Araceli Sherrod, Nandini Piper, Felisha Logsdon, And Nicole DeLong.

All teens posed in “character” for them. In that outfit I feel really proud of it my first CC. ; w ; I’ll upload it later right now I need a break and to drain the living room of my frustration tears. Once I’m done we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program.

Credits: Mesh is from supernatural and the other CC in the pic is from ( in no order and from source): Paintstroke, Anubis, TSR, Kitty Klan, Traelia, Navetsea,and Eternila


We interrupt your scheduled program to bring up a small anouncement. Aside from delving into story writing I’ve also been trying to make custom content. Anyone that’s dug through the supernatural wardrobe knows where this dress is from. It irked me that it wasn’t for teens so I thought trying to convert something from adult to teen would be easy.  I’m tearing my hair out now over it.

Meet my model Nandini Piper. She’ll be my “guinea pig” in getting this dress right. Once it’s done Tanisha will wear it once I get Seasons next month *woop woop* I still need to fix the neck and ankle seams though and it’s becoming a real salt cover piece of sand paper on my stomach.

In the mean time see you all later, hopefully with the next few pages of the story.

Chapter Two, Page Two: Another field trip and party day

Not long after waking up I called Roland to ask him a few questions on how to throw a party. Once I assured him I was completely being serious he gave me the few tips that he could. He sounded different this time though. Quiet and soft spoken, nearly nervous even. My mind made a joke about him sanding down his teeth before I hushed it. Thankfully I hadn’t said it out loud and shook my thoughts in time to hear him offer to take me to school with him. Grinning I nodded and happily accepted the offer. Broomy was out of the question and I didn’t want to hike it on the bus today. I ignored my own little pang of envy when he mentioned he could already drive while he said he’d be over in a second. No sooner had I tugged my jacket on a little tighter to fight the cool fall air I heard a knock at the front door.

I though he was nuts since the sun had barely even risen yet. Before I could say anything to him his face struck me. Whatever I said about him before I take it back, I take it ALL back. He couldn’t compete with any male model but there wasn’t any denying how cute his “normal” face was.  It also showed more expression, which it’s current flavor seemed to be uncomfortable. Mentioning I hadn’t even had breakfast yet I offered him some too. He gave a smile saying he’d like to. Werewolf or not he had an appetite, scarfing down three servings of left over pancakes while I ate my one stack. Noticing the time we both left before the bus could arrive.

Two of the newer teens to the class immediately struck me. The twins Ivan and Wendy Mooney. In all honesty I couldn’t see how the two could be related. Ivan was sweet, friendly, full of charm even. Wendy was just..ugh. She was mean, spiteful, and materialistic. She even said that you can’t spell Mooney without money in front of the whole class. Didn’t take a detective to see how embarrassed her brother was at the statement. What bugged me most about her is she seemed to immediately cling to Roland. Could be hormones could just be hormones or just that I made it obvious how much it bothered me. It didn’t last long though before Mrs.Pumpernickel called for our slips. She gave the twins an easy pass since they were new. “And besides it’s only a cooking class anyway” She stated herding us onto the bus. Me and Roland stuck together most of the time and it was my turn to irritate Wendy. I watched and helped him cook as much as he did me while Ivan accidentally set a small fire off. Wendy was just trying her best to bore holes into my head with her eyes. I merely grinned at her as I “off-handedly” mentioned my party, even though I had gone on about for most of time in school. Clich’e as it may be, a kitty turf war is sprouting.

It only further cemented that when Roland gave me a little bento box he had been working on through the cooking class. I beamed a smile all the way home on the bus ignoring Wendy but happily waving bye to her brother. At least one of them was nice.

Once home I started working on the house to get it presentable. I watered and weeded my small “garden”  and cleaned up what I could in the house. The tub and toilet were dirty, the kitchenette was grimy and dining and living area had dust. Grumbling through the work wishing dad had done a quick clean up before he left, but then again I was hoping he’d never have to hear about this party. With only an hour before seven I made a quick call to have pizza delivered in. Looking around the living room I frowned. No music and the lights were wrong. I needed to set the mood and quick. Luckily dad still has his old record player and a quick dusting made it good as new. Plonking it on the tv I turned my attention to the lights. Then slipped my wand out weighing it in my handI debated if it was a good idea to do this but in my head it’s all i could think to do. I didn’t have enough time to go buy some colored light bulbs. Best thing I could come up with was just to do a small conversion spell to change the glass color. Saying a small prayer hoping I wouldn’t blow out the light fixtures I set about changing them. Success! Timing couldn’t be better either. No sooner had I finished the bell rung to the tune of the delivery guy. Quickly gabbing about my party and my excitement they wished me a fun night before running off with their payment. Setting it up on the counter I was so excited. I went to dad’s record box to dig out something to play. “Dark wave” sounded cool and edgy, even might fit the lighting. I grinned hearing the tones start to fill the house and clapped my hands with glee. Plopping myself on the couch all I had to do was wait. And wait. And wait.

I waited till long after the pizza grew cold and congealed. The phone started ringing repeatedly around ten. I could only guess that it was Roland trying to check up on me, or rather I wished it was. remaining curled up I just listened to it ring. It was the only thing to make a noise in the house. The record player had stopped ages ago, around the time I started crying. Completely dejected as I sat there by the couch not bothering to dry my now soaked cheeks. Well, I wanted a normal teen life. Normal teens get rejected I suppose.

Last thing I remember that night was passing out on the floor. With how I felt I couldn’t be bothered to go to bed, though it might have been I was too tired to move. I had nothing but nightmares all night.

See everyone tomorrow.

( Daaaaw, poor Tanisha. It was supposed to be a super sweet cool party with a cat fight but my game chose right then to glitch out on me. None of the other sims could get in and Tanisha wouldn’t get the pizza or she’d vanish into a flipping mountain on the other side of the world. So sad party ending for her. Plus side some character growth and perhaps a little fuel to the fire. Oh and added note if your active teens household has a family member gone on vacation switching to them then switching back ends the adults vacation. Just so y’all know. <x< )